KK Farm Girl Organic Soap

Scents available year round:  By popular demand, these are the scents that are the backbone of my offerings:


Seasonal:  These scents are chosen to reflect the mood of the season.

Spring- Florals, of course!
Mock Orange

Summer- citrusy, light, and energizing

Sunny orange
Lime Coconut


Winter- scents that celebrate the holidays and evoke memories of times past
Christmas Forest
Winter Wonderland

Fall- Spicey and warm
Pumpkin spice
Applesauce Cake
Apple Jack


I was born in Milford and raised on a farm between Milford and Harrington.  I graduated from Milford High School, class of 1965.  I was active in 4-H,  the Houston Cardinals.  I enjoyed life on the farm, working side-by side with family members to make it all work.  We had dairy cows, and besides crops to support the livestock, we raised truck crops.  With an irrigation system that had to be walked across the field one section at a time,  it was all very labor intensive.  I never had any other summer job.  After graduation I went to nursing school, graduated, and enjoyed a 40 year career as an operating room nurse.

Oh, the things Iíve seen!

I started making soap about 4 years ago, near the end of my  nursing career.  My great Aunt Mildred, of Harrington,  taught me the basics of soap making in the past, and it seemed like a good activity for me at this time.  I was always a tree hugging, organic type of person, and creating a product to use on the largest organ of the body (your skin) that was pure and natural seemed a good fit .  So, I started to make soap based loosely on my aunts recipe, only instead of rendering animal fat ( a lengthy and very smelly process), I use Olive oil as a base.  With the addition of coconut oil for hardness, and palm oil for rich lather, plus a nice fragrance oil, the result is an updated version of good ole lye soap!

I moved back to the family farm 3 years ago and now enjoy a large organic garden, raising broilers (12 at a time) for the freezer, and 6 big red hens for eggs.  My goal is to raise as much of my own food as possible.  To me, supermarkets are scary places offering me foods that I have no connection with.  I can and freeze, make my own butter and bread, even my own wine from blackberries grown here on the farm.

I also have a small herd of boar goats.  They are fun to raise and watch as the kids run up and down the pasture to play at dusk.  No. I donít eat themÖ.they provide entertainment while I sip my wine!

Life is good


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